Novel Human Antibody Discovery

Fully human antibodies are ideal for therapeutic development. These antibodies they are not normally immunogenic and carry all the necessary effector functions. AvantGen offers fee-for-service and partnership opportunities to isolate novel fully human antibodies with desired properties from its large yeast display human antibodies libraries in weeks to speed up therapeutic antibody development. Learn more »

Antibody Humanization and Optimization

AvantGen utilizes its extensive antibody modeling and engineering expertise to humanize non-human antibodies. We use CDR grafting to restore and, if necessary, improve on the binding affinity of the humanized antibody. Furthermore, our massive human library allows with superior developability and expression. In addition, AvantGen has also developed an improved antibody humanization technology using its advanced yeast display system and CDR-H3 based libraries that simultaneously humanizes and affinity improves a non-human antibody. Learn more »

Antibody Affinity Maturation and Optimization

Affinity maturation of a pre-existing antibody can preserve the epitope specificity and functional activity of the antibody. Further more, it can boost potency to the desired level. With AvantGen’s antibody database and yeast display system, AvantGen is able to quickly design focused libraries based on the antibody to be optimized. Simultaneously, we screen for antibodies with higher affinity and higher levels of expression, while removing undesirable post-translational modification sites. Our system routinely yields affinity improvement of 10 to several 100 times compared to the parental antibodies. Learn more »


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