Therapeutic antibodies need to meet stringent criteria for development and testing. Antibodies from many discovery methods may have interesting properties but not meet the required profile. Affinity maturation and optimization of a pre-existing antibody can preserve the epitope specificity and its functional activity. Optimization can also boost the antibody’s potency to the desired level. In addition, it can be useful to remove potential modification sites for improved developability. With AvantGen’s antibody database and yeast display system, AvantGen is able to quickly design focused libraries based on the antibody to be optimized, and simultaneously screen for antibodies with higher affinity and higher levels of expression, while removing undesirable post-translational modification sites. Our system routinely yields affinity improvement of 10-1,000 times or greater compared to the parental antibodies.

Sample ID KD (M) Kon (1/Ms) Koff (1/s) Full R2 Fold Improvement
Wild Type 5.24E-07 2.75E+05 1.44E-01 0.99 1
Clone 1 2.60E-10 6.08E+04 1.58E-05 0.99 2000
Clone 2 3.31E-09 3.68E+05 1.22E-03 0.99 158
Clone 3 <1.0E-12 8.28E+04 <1.0E-07 0.99 >1000

Affinity maturation results in antibody (Fab) clones with more than 1,000 fold improvement of affinity