Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies for Stable Isotope Standards and Capture by Anti-Peptide Antibodies (SISCAPA) Mass Spectrometry Studies

SISCAPA, Stable Isotope Standard Capture with Anti-Peptide Antibodies, is a term introduced by Dr. Leigh Anderson. SISCAPA is a hybrid method, combining immunoprecipitation (IP) and stable isotope dilution multiple reaction monitoring (SID-MRM) mass spectrometer to isolate and quantify proteins and to measure biomarker candidates directly from plasma. AvantGen has been awarded a NCI contract to develop rabbit monoclonal antibodies against peptides derived from potential cancer biomarkers. Antibodies generated through this contract are now available for the research community.

Catalog No Protein/Gene UniProt # Data Sheet
RA-1001 (ANK1) P16157 Download PDF Request Quote
RA-1002 (ANXA1) P04083 Download PDF Request Quote
RA-1003 (ANXA3) P12429 Download PDF Request Quote
RA-1004 (ANXA5) P08758 Download PDF Request Quote
RA-1005 (ENOA/ENO1) P06733 Download PDF Request Quote
RA-1006 (EPHB2) P29323 Download PDF Request Quote
RA-1007 (MAPK3) 028482 Download PDF Request Quote
RA-1008 (AKT1) P31749 Download PDF Request Quote

All of the antibodies on the list have been validated in immunoprecipiation assay followed by Mass Spectrometer analysis of the immunoprecipitated peptides.

Based on the high quality of the anti-peptide antibody clones that were generated from Phase I projects, AvantGen also recently received a Phase II contract award from the NCI [HHSN261201500044C], and a Phase II grant from the NIDA [4R44DA035531-02] to develop rabbit monoclonal antibodies against an additional 100 cancer-related proteins and more than 100 neuroscience related proteins, respectively. The developed antibodies will be made available to the research community and added to the list as they are validated.