NK Cell Engager

Natural killer (NK) cells play a vital role in the human innate immune system and are being explored as a promising approach for cancer immunotherapy. Of particular interest are NK cell engagers that can target and activate NK cells to attack cancer cells. Using our Germliner™ Library Collection and AvantSabre platform, we developed novel NK cell engagers by targeting the NK cell activating receptor CD16a using antibodies that selectively distinguish between CD16a on NK cells and CD16b on granulocytes, which are highly homologous to each other.

Preclinical evaluation of our engagers demonstrates higher
performance compared to a clinical CD16a therapeutic

  • icon10,000-fold selectivity over a single
    amino acid position
  • iconHigher NK cell recruitment and
    tumor cell-dependent killing
  • iconIncreased thermostability
  • iconUnabated function in presence
    of serum
  • iconNo liable PTMs
  • iconMinimal/no binding to neutrophils