Avant Bunny

When we resort to in vivo maturation of antibodies, cute and furry bunnies are our animal of choice, and here’s why. The rabbit immune system generates and affinity-matures antibodies by mechanisms that differ from those of mice and other rodents. Rabbit monoclonal antibodies normally have 10- to 100-fold higher affinity for antigen than mouse monoclonal antibodies. In addition, the rabbit immune system can generate antibodies that are able to distinguish between very similar molecules with subtle structural variations

We combine an optimized rabbit immunization protocol and our robust yeast display system, which is uniquely suited for rabbit antibodies that have an additional disulfide bond in their light chain.

The AvantBunny platform is ideal for the generation of high-specificity and high-affinity antibodies for critical reagents and diagnostics.

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40 pM Phospho-specific rabbit monoclonal antibody
High affinity antibody recognizing a single point mutation in hemoglobin
IHC application
Anti-idiotype, for PK/ADA

looking for biomarkers?

Funded by the National Cancer Institute, we generated monoclonal antibodies recognizing hundreds of cancer and neurodegenerative associated proteins. Below is an abbreviated list of validated antibodies and corresponding targets.

RA-1001 ANK1
RA-1002 ANXA1
RA-1003 ANXA3
RA-1004 ANXA5
RA-1006 EPHB2
RA-1007 MAPK3
RA-1008 AKT1
RA-1009 Vimentin
RA-1010 ALPL
RA-1011 ICAM1
RA-1013 Cadherin-6
RA-1014 Gnb2
RA-1015 Gnb3
RA-1016 Gabrb2
RA-1017 Pkrcb (phospho T377)
RA-1018 Gria1
RA-1019 Cnr1
RA-1020 Gria3
RA-1021 Snap47
RA-1022 Stx12
RA-1023 CHRNA5
RA-1024 Gnb1
RA-1025 Pkrcb
RA-1026 Snap23
RA-1027 Cpne6
RA-1028 Acly
RA-1029 Drd2
DA-2001, DA-2002 PCT
DA-2003, DA-2004 NT-proBNP
DA-2005, DA-2006 Strep A
DA-2007, DA-2008 GPBB
DA-2009, DA-2010 PAPP-A
DA-2011, DA-2012 H-FABP
DA-2013, DA-2014 Glucagon