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It’s no wonder that in order to improve patient’s quality of life, we call upon our oldest eukaryotic friend. A friend who has helped us enjoy good bread and wine for many millennia. Our proprietary and robust yeast display utilizes an engineered anchoring peptide that allows efficient cell surface display and high inducible secretion of antibodies, without any need for reducing agents.

Our Germliner™ Library Collection represents many years of antibody sequencing and engineering. Over 500 individuals were deep-sequenced, amassing a large antibody repertoire that was then culled of potentially problematic sequence motifs. When coupled with our novel yeast display system, the end results are three fully human platforms with more than 100 billion antibody clones with highly favorable and developable properties, such as high affinity, high specificity, high thermostability, high expression level, and no or low immunogenicity.


Boosting the human innate immune system is a promising approach to cancer immunotherapy, and we have developed a Natural Killer (NK) cell engager platform. Using our Germliner™ Library Collection and AvantSabre platform, we isolated and developed a panel of highly specific, fully human CD16a antibodies that are available for license.

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