About Us

AvantGen is a San Diego-based biotechnology company founded in 2006 with Therapeutic and Research & Diagnostic divisions

With its proprietary and robust yeast display system, large natural human antibody database, fully human antibody (Germliner™) libraries and screening technologies, AvantGen’s Therapeutic Division is dedicated to novel human antibody discovery, antibody humanization, antibody affinity maturation and optimization, for therapeutic development. AvantGen collaborates with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to facilitate and speed their path to antibody-based therapeutic development through services, partnerships, and licensing.

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Our Technologies

  • Novel Yeast Display System

    • Highly robust eukaryotic display system based on a novel anchoring peptide for antibody display
    • Highly uniform display of all human antibody genes without bias observed with phage display
    • Capable of display antibodies in various formats, such as full-length IgG, Fab, scFab, scFv, etc

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  • Large Natural Human Antibody Database

    • Antibody genes obtained from more the 500 individuals
    • Deep sequencing of more than 300,000 human antibody clones
    • Sequences assigned to the corresponding germline variable regions
    • Amino acid usage in each CDR for each variable region determined

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  • Large Human Antibody Libraries

    • 30 libraries constructed with more than 100 billion clones
    • Natural antibody frameworks with favorable thermo-stability and solubility used
    • Post-translational modification (PTM) sites minimized
    • CDR diversity created based on actual amino acid usage for each CDR observed in the database

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  • Rapid Library Screening

    • Platform supports rapid library screening with MACS/FACS
    • Supports rapid characterization of individual clones in ELISA
    • Novel human antibody clones can be identified in a few weeks

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Our Services

Therapeutic Antibodies

AvantGen provides service, partnership, and licensing opportunities for therapeutic antibody development, including novel human antibody discovery, antibody humanization and optimization.

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Diagnostic and Research Antibodies

AvantGen provides service and partnership opportunities for novel rabbit monoclonal antibody discovery. The rabbit monoclonal antibodies generated with our technology exhibit superior affinity and selectivity suitable for sensitive diagnostic development and research uses.

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Our Products

AvantGen has developed many antibody clones with superior affinity and specificity. The antibodies are characterized at the DNA sequence level and many of them have been validated to be suitable for diagnostic use, while many others have been shown to work well for research applications such as ELISA, Western Blot and immunoprecipitation.

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