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    This white paper demonstrates the use of AvantGen’s Germliner™ Library Collection to rapidly and efficiently discover therapeutic antibodies specific to CD16a in only 3 months. CD16a is a challenging target for antibody discovery due to potential cross reactivity with CD16b, a surface marker with 98.5% sequence identity and a counterproductive regulatory function.

    By harnessing the power of a large yeast display library of over 100 billion clones that reflects the natural diversity of human antibodies, anti-CD16a monoclonal antibodies with high affinity, high specificity, high stability, and low immunogenicity were quickly identified for use in bispecific NK cell engager therapies.

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    to learn:

    • The limitations of traditional antibody discovery using immunization and phage display
    • Why these limitations lead to years-long development cycles
    • How yeast libraries and rational design can cut that timeframe dramatically
    • How AvantGen’s Germliner™ platforms can narrow billions of potential antibodies to a panel of highly developable candidates in months

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