Novel Yeast Display System

AvantGen’s proprietary yeast display system is a highly robust display system that is able to support uniform display of various proteins including antibodies in different formats, such as IgG, Fab, scFab and scFv. In contrast, traditional phage display is highly biased in its ability to display antibodies derived from different human antibody germline variable region genes, or even antibody clones that differ with only a single point mutation. Learn more »

Large Natural Human Antibody Database

In order to generate human antibodies with the desired affinity, specificity, degree of “humanness”, and developability, AvantGen has generated a large database where the frequencies of each amino acid at each position of all 6 CDRs in the light and heavy chains were determined for human antibodies derived from each of the human antibody germline variable regions. This database has been used for the construction of AvantGen’s human antibody libraries and for antibody affinity maturation to yield antibody clones that are highly human-like. Learn more »

Large Human Antibody Libraries

Large human antibody libraries (Germliner™) with more than 100 billion antibody clones and favorable biochemical and biophysical features displayed by AvantGen’s novel yeast display system have been constructed with frameworks from several human heavy (VH) and light chain (Vκ/λ) variable region germline genes. These libraries have been screened against more than 100 antigens, and panels of high affinity antibodies have been successfully isolated for each of these antigens. Learn more »

Rapid Library Screening

AvantGen’s human antibody libraries can be rapidly screened by magnetic bead based sorting (MACS) and fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) for the isolation of antibody clones with the desired phenotype, such as specificity for an isoform or conformation/epitope of interest, species-cross reactivity and blocking activity within weeks. Learn more »

Novel Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Generation

By combining an optimized rabbit immunization protocol and AvantGen’s robust yeast display system, AvantGen is able to generate rabbit monoclonal antibodies with very high affinity and specificity for research, diagnostic and therapeutic development. Learn more »